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Thursday Morning Links

Morning links... where Harrison and Profar's prognoses get updated from "grim," to "nope, still grim."

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kellin Deglan and Cody Buckel are living it up in winter ball Aussie style, which is similar to other winter leagues but for the bulk of the players being either poisonous, egg laying, or Ryan Rowland-Smith.

Richard Justice says, in regards to the Rangers, "worst to first in 2015, why not?"  To which I respond, DO NOT ANGER THE GODS, RICHARD JUSTICE.

Matt Harrison's rehab is nothing but question marks, as there's essentially no history of players coming back from this surgery.

Jurickson Profar continues to show progress in his MRI's, by which I mean it's probably showing his progress towards an ignominious exit from organized baseball.

Evan Grant has some cautiously optimistic quotes from Matt Harrison.

Evan also tells us that the Rangers are no longer in on Brandon Beachy.

And finally, if you're on a sinking ship don't let any opportunistic women or children try to play on your sense of chivalry.... a study shows that, contra "women and children first," women are far less likely to survive a maritime disaster.