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87-72 - October begins as Rangers clinch playoff spot!

The Texas Rangers eliminated the Anaheim Angels from AL West contention and clinch a playoff spot

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers will play postseason baseball after they defeated the Anaheim Angels tonight. With the win, Texas has officially eliminated the Angels from the AL West race and have dropped the magic number to clinch the division title to 1. Texas is guaranteed an American League postseason spot.

Worst case scenario now is losing the final three game of this series, the Astros sweeping the Diamondbacks, and having to play a one-game playoff to decide the West. The loser of that game would be the American League's second Wild Card participant. If Texas wins one more game or the Astros lose a game over the weekend, the Rangers take the West.

Fittingly, Josh Hamilton starred for Texas in a must win game for the Angels. Almost as fittingly, Adrian Beltre had the big hit with a bases-clearing three-run double to put Texas up 4-1 in the 5th. When the Angels made it 4-3, it was Hamilton who hit the sac fly to give the Rangers an insurance run and kill the Halo's AL West dreams.

Player of the Game:

Thanks, Arte.