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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Rangers and delayed gratification

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. It seems like it would have been too greedy, too indecent to sweep the best team in the league. The Rangers work best when they're humble.

Katy Clarke recaps the Rangers' 5-1 defeat to the Blue Jays last night in Game 3 of the ALDS.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers missed their chance to sweep the Blue Jays as they saw their lead cut to 2-1 with one more to go in Arlington.

Evan Grant writes that Toronto was finally able to do what they do best which is make pitchers have to work after making them uncomfortable.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the most uncomfortable moment ended up being with Troy Tulowitzki up and two on and Chi Chi Gonzalez on the mound trying to pitch around another scary Jays hitter.

Gil LeBreton writes that in a series like this, there will be no shortcuts given to the Rangers in finishing off the Blue Jays.'s Doug Miller writes that walks and "one mistake" doomed the Rangers last night though I'd argue the one scratched run by the offense had a lot more to do with it.

To that end, Tim Cowlishaw writes that the middle of the order needs to step up as 0-12 isn't going to cut it.

Sullivan notes that it isn't just a 2015 thing. The Rangers have had a tough time hitting at home in division series games since they finally made one of these things back in 1996.

That could continue to be an issue as Adrian Beltre still wasn't able to play and might not be able to go in today's Game 4. Brad Townsend wonders which Ranger bat will step up.

Landon Haaf writes that Jeff Banister confirmed that if Beltre says he's ready to play today, he'll play.

Sullivan notes that Josh Hamilton finally had a hit in the playoffs last night after going zero for his previous 31 at-bats. Then he got another hit. Maybe Hambone will be the dude to carry the offense today.

Stefan Stevenson previews Game 4 with Derek Holland going for Texas and R.A. Dickey scheduled to pitch for the Blue Jays though David Price might go on short rest.

Anthony Andro profiles Holland as "Game 4" is kind of his thing around these parts.

Finally, Levi Weaver writes about one of the cool things about October: Hanser Alberto, unlikely playoff hero.

Have a great day and Go Rangers!