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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Rangers and doing it the hard way

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The parallels to 2010 continue. At least this time we won't be mourning the news that the Rangers let Josh Lewin go hours before Game 5.

Katy Clarke recaps the Rangers' 8-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays to force a Game 5 in Toronto on Wednesday.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that Jeff Banister's hopes for a Game 4 repeat from Derek Holland fell flat.

T.R. Sullivan lays out how this series is similar to the ALDS in 2010 now that the Rangers will have to go back to Toronto for Game 5.

Evan Grant writes that despite the loss, the return of Adrian Beltre was a bright spot for the Rangers' offense.

Jeff Wilson has more on Beltre's return which should further add to his legacy as an all-time Ranger and has notes on Colby Lewis pitching in relief and the Rangers getting a day off today.

Gil Lebreton wonders why the Blue Jays wasted David Price in a 7-1 game the Rangers weren't going to win. Marcus Stroman will now start Game 5 for the Jays, but if I had to guess, Price will probably come out of the 'pen again at some point on Wednesday anyway.

Grant looks at the challenge ahead for Cole Hamels as he'll be pitching in his first win-or-go-home playoff game of his career.

Landon Haaf writes that Texas' terrible Governor's terrible twitter account jinxed the Astros and Rangers yesterday.

But, finally, we all know who to blame if the Rangers don't win this series:

Have a nice day.