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Thursday Morning Links

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If the Rangers' 2015 season were a traditional Hollywood screenplay, they would have battled back in the 8th and moved on to the ALCS. Remember, though... we're living in a post- The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones world, people. It's unfashionable for the hero to win now.

Bat flips, angering players and fanbases since... well, forever.

David Schoenfield labels the 7th inning from last night's game the most insane 7th inning in playoff history, which is a pretty specific label.

Jim Caple suggests that maybe it would have been crazier if a Blue Jay had patted Beltre's head.

Evan Grant wonders if Elvis Andrus will now forever be the guy that made all those consecutive errors in the ALDS.

Fraley takes a look at the hour that broke the Rangers' 2015 season.

Because apparently all those DL trips plum tuckered him out, Josh Hamilton is looking forward to a break from the 2015 season.

Last night blue screened Adrian Beltre.  Somebody get out his system restore disk.

Jeff Banister knew the rule that tripped up Russell Martin last night because he'd done the same thing once in the minors.

Hamels thinks the Rangers' future is so bright he has to wear shades and a welding helmet.

Stupid 7th inning.

Well, at least we learned an obscure rule last night.

David Justice comes not to praise the Rangers 2015 season but to bury it.

Well, I feel bad for Elvis Andrus.