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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Rangers and postplayoff depression

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. First morning links of the offseason for me. This is the first I've looked around for any news about the Rangers since they were eliminated. I'm still not ready to think about sports.

I don't really see much new stuff out there that Adam probably hasn't already linked to. A lot of stuff over the weekend was about how the 2015 Texas Rangers were just October choke artists like all the other teams this decade. But that rings hollow for me. That's not how the 2015 Texas Rangers should be remembered.

The 2015 Texas Rangers were unlike any other Rangers team we've ever seen. Every time they've made the playoffs in franchise history, they've basically led the division for a majority of the season. This is the first time they kind of followed the A's model of getting insanely hot in August and sneaking in.

Not only were they not supposed to be there, they weren't even supposed to give the Blue Jays a series and instead they pushed mighty Toronto to the very limit. I'm proud of the 2015 Texas Rangers.

Levi Weaver writes more on the subject of defining the Texas Rangers' season.

Evan Grant takes a look at the starting rotation and wonders if the Rangers might go after Sonny Gray this winter.

Finally, here's a video with highlights from the 2015 season since the only video we'll ever see again nationally is of Jose Bautista taunting:

Have a nice day.