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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning folks...

Jurickson Profar continues to hit in the AFL, and has put up a 1367 OPS in his first fifteen plate appearances there, writes Gerry Fraley.

The DMN offers their lists of the top five shortstops in Rangers history, the top five first basemen in team history, and the top five outfielders in the team history.

Randy Galloway has a column about the next stadium the Rangers will play in, talking about Dallas and Arlington potentially battling for the right to build a retractable-roof stadium that would open in eight to ten years (while still managing to snipe at Bob and Ray and blame lower attendance on running off Nolan Ryan).

The current naming rights deal with Globe Life runs through the 2023 season, and at the time, it seemed like a natural timeline for the Rangers to move to a new park in 2024.  30 years seems like a short lifespan for a ballpark, but that has been the turnaround time of late, and with TBiA having been built just before retractable roof technology became widely adopted, the Rangers would have an opportunity early next decade to have a stadium that allows them to alleviate the heat issues which have plagued games in Arlington since the Rangers got here.