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Wednesday Morning Links

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yovani Gallardo and Cole Hamels will be starting the first two games of the ALDS.

Jeff Banister says that the crucial variable in your sabermetric equation is heart.

Sam Dyson is ready to exact his revenge on Toronto because they cut him loose while the ink on his Blue Jay for Life tattoo was still wet and he had just converted his life savings to beaver pelts or Itchy and Scratchy Fun Bucks or whatever it is they use for currency in the Great White North.

Elvis Andrus may not be earning his contract on the field, but he did come up with a perfunctory replacement for the claw and antlers.

The DMN would like you to take a look at all of the haters.

The Rangers have an innovative ALDS strategy of burning through the bullpen in the series' first game.

Remember Ranger100?  I think that was him.  Anyway, he wrote an article about Arlington for the Globe and Mail.

Yovani Gallardo gets to live his childhood dream: spend crucial pregame preparatory hours in customs.

Jon Daniels was on the radio and said some things.

Andrew Simon compares the Toronto and Ranger squads.

The Rangers are expecting Josh Hamilton to produce in the ALDS, after which he will be unavailable for 18 months while Keith Miester and the Ranger team sorcerer perform a lengthy necromantic ritual on his legs.

And, finally, male blanket octopi love them some big girls.