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Get your "We Came and Took It" LSB t-shirt

We now have available LSB t-shirts with the "We Came and Took It" slogan

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I tweeted about this last night, but wanted to do a post about it as well...

Inspired by something goET did on the LSB Facebook page, we have put together Lone Star Ball t-shirts with "We Came and Took It" on the back.

You should know the reference, but just in case...this is what the Astros mascot was running around with in August:

And this is what the Rangers busted out with on Sunday:

After that whole hubbub over the Dallas skyline on the A.L. West Champion shirts, there aren't new A.L. West Champion shirts being ordered by MLB or the Rangers, but we have as many LSB shirts as y'all might want...

And here are pictures: