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Thursday Morning Links

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN asks five questions about the Toronto Blue Jays, answering "what's their gimmicky on base celebration called" and 'how did you guys like Mark DeRosa?"

The DMN breaks down the series, noting that you shouldn't name sacrificial lambs but ours is named Yovani and naming some pretty objectionable special postseason concession items.

Evan Grant takes a look at five questions that will determine the series, like do the toilets flush backwards in Canada and how does it feel still being part of the commonwealth, you no good Tory bastards?

Evan's also the only DMN writer picking the Rangers to win the series.

Gallardo isn't worried about how Game 1 will impact his free agency and there's much ado about the roof.

Can the Rangers be the miracle team of 2015?

Prince Fielder is a different man than he was in his last postseason appearance, mostly because surgeons repurposed 5 replacement level players to craft his new spine.

Mitch Moreland is still your go-to nonthreatening white guy.  He could be the spokesman for, as a matter of fact, now that they appear to have some money and their commercials don't look like they were produced in the 70's.

The bullpen is gassed but at least they're all present.

And, finally, here's a livestream of a mama dog and her puppies.