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Texas Rangers trade rumors: Leonys Martin drawing interest

The Rangers have had inquiries about centerfielder Leonys Martin, who Jon Daniels says will be tendered a contract

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers trade rumors:  Leonys Martin is someone who could be pursued by the Seattle Mariners, according to Ken Rosenthal, and Jon Daniels says Leonys has drawn interest from teams "looking to buy low."

Meanwhile, via Evan Grant, Daniels has said today that it is "100% we will tender Leonys Martin."  Leonys, who had a bad 2015 campaign that saw him lose his starting job to Delino DeShields, get sent to the minors, and miss time due to injury, was nevertheless a very solid starting centerfielder for the Rangers in 2013-14.  Given the Rangers' lack of viable center field options in the system, the fact that there are teams interested in Leonys, and that he appears likely to make around $4 million in 2016 via arbitration, it has seemed to me all along to be a no-brainer to tender Leonys.

Still, there was some speculation that Leonys would be a non-tender candidate.  Daniels' comments today would seem to put that to rest.