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Happy birthday, C.J. Wilson

Happy birthday to C.J. Wilson, who turns 35 today

Pool/Getty Images

Happy birthday to former Ranger C.J. Wilson, who turns 35 today.

I think you folks know who C.J. is, so I'm not going to belabor that.  I also know that he's a polarizing figure among Rangers fans...a lot of folks didn't like him when he was here, and even more don't like him now that he's gone.

But you know what?  He was a key part of two World Series teams, a critical rotation member in the two best seasons in Rangers history.  He was a great story, a guy who came back from Tommy John surgery to be a successful reliever, then converted to starting and did a great job of that, too.

I've got nothing but appreciation for what C.J. did for the Rangers.