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2015 SBNation MLB Awards: Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules

Cast your vote for the Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules in the 2015 SBN MLB Awards

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the final category in the 2015 SB Nation MLB Awards.  We're looking for the best instance of the Texas Rangers breaking the unwritten rules of baseball. What does that mean? Hell if I know. I can't find any documentation anywhere.

Anyway, here are some things the Rangers did that I'm sure annoyed some old people (listed in order by date):

Robinson Chirinos breaks unwritten rule of maximum number of sunglasses allowed during a baseball game:

Rougned Odor breaks unwritten rule of being way more rad than anyone on the Houston Astros:

Young fan breaks unwritten rule of not paying attention to game that is only enforced on young girls taking selfies:

Adrian Beltre breaks unwritten rule of using Gary Pettis as a ball rebounder:

Kid breaks unwritten rule of putting his guns on display at the ballpark:

Rangers teammates break unwritten rule of having fun at a baseball stadium:

Prince Fielder breaks unwritten rule of pretending gravity doesn't apply to him:

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