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Report: Rangers offer pitching coach position to Doug Brocail

The Rangers beat writers indicate that negotiations are in progress

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant has an article indicating that the Rangers have offered the pitching coach position to Doug Brocail to replace Mike Maddux.  Brocail is expected to accept the offer however nothing has been officially announced and as recently seen with Bud Black, it's not official until it's official.

Brad Holman, the AAA Round Rock pitching coach, had been offered the bullpen coach position recently held by Andy Hawkins.  I'm not entirely sure what the bullpen coach does.  Heck, I'm not 100% what the pitching coach does (or at least impacts) but I do recall C.J. Wilson referencing Andy Hawkins as someone he worked well with when he was here and he was the more notable loss for him rather than Mike Maddux.