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Rangers announce coaching staff hires and promotions

Doug Brocail and Anthony Iapoce are your new pitching and hitting coaches

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have officially announced the new members of their 2016 coaching staff.

  • Doug Brocail hired as pitching coach
  • Anthony Iapoce hired as hitting coach
  • Brad Holman promoted to bullpen coach
  • Justin Mashore promoted to assistant hitting coach
  • Bobby Jones named replay coordinator
Doug Brocail has been in the Rangers news this week as an expected candidate, coming from the Astros organization as their former pitching coach and then pitching advisor to being the AA pitching coach last year.

Anthony Iapoce is someone I had never heard of prior to this announcement.  Google initially only turned up articles from 2012 where he was hired by the Chicago Cubs as a special assistant to GM Jed Hoyer as their minor league hitting coordinator.  According to this recent post by Evan Grant, Iapoce (eye-uh-poh-SEE) was with the Blue Jays and Marlins organizations prior to that.  There is no indication that Iapoce will be bringing Kris Bryant with him.

Round Rock loses both it's pitching (Brad Holman) and hitting (Justin Mashore) coaches with their promotions and Bobby Jones slides from assistant hitting coach to replay coordinator.