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Texas Rangers rumors: Nexen to accept Byung-ho Park winning bid

The Nexen Heroes have announced they will accept the $12.85 million winning bid for the negotiating rights to first baseman Byung-ho Park

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  The Nexen Heroes announced late last night that they will accept the high bid placed by an MLB team for first baseman Byung-ho Park.  The winning bid was for $12.85 million, though it has not been announced what team made that bid.

Park is a 29 year old righthanded power hitter, and there has been a certain level of belief that the Rangers, in the market for a righthanded power bat and with a history of being aggressive in the Asian market, would be one of the teams bidding on him.  If the Rangers are the team that made the $12.85 million bid, they will have 30 days to negotiate a contract with Park.

If the Rangers were to acquire Park, it would put them in a position where they would likely look to move Mitch Moreland or Prince Fielder, both lefthanded hitters who are limited to the first base and DH spots.  Moreland would be easier to move, as he would require just a one year commitment for a reasonable amount, while the $90 million due to Fielder over 5 years would seem to significantly limit his market, unless the Rangers were willing to significantly subsidize his deal.

You can check out Parks' numbers in the Korean League below:

UPDATE -- T.R. Sullivan says on Twitter that the Rangers weren't the team with the winning bid, so so much for that discussion.