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MLB Free Agent Predictions: Yovani Gallardo to get 5 years, $75M, Heyman predicts

Jon Heyman predicts the contracts the top 50 free agents will get

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

MLB Free Agent Predictions:  Jon Heyman has a new column up predicting the contracts that the top 50 MLB free agents will get, and the one Texas Ranger on the list, Yovani Gallardo, comes in at 5 years, $75 million.  My prediction on Gallardo was 4 years, $55 million, but Heyman's figures wouldn't shock me, and I suspect the Rangers won't be interested at that level.

There's been talk that Texas, in the market for a righthanded power hitter, could pursue Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes, but Heyman has Upton getting 7 years, $161M, and Cespedes at 6 years, $150M, and I have to think the Rangers would probably pass at those prices.

Heyman does have Matt Wieters at 3 years, $42 million, which is much lower than I've seen others project, and at that price, I could see the Rangers being players for him, even though he'd cost Texas their first round pick.  Another guy who I could see Texas in on at Heyman's price is Doug Fister, who Heyman pegs at 2 years, $20 million.