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Jose Reyes arrested for domestic abuse, per report

Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes has reportedly been arrested in Maui for domestic abuse

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Reyes, shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, has been arrested for domestic abuse in Maui, according to Hawaii news anchor Chris Tanaka on Twitter.  A Denver news station has tweeted that Reyes was arrested for assaulting his wife.

Reyes, 32, has been married to Katherine Ramirez since 2008.  Reyes was traded to the Colorado Rockies by the Toronto Blue Jays as part of the deal that sent Troy Tulowitzki to Toronto.  Reyes is due $22 million in each of the next two seasons.

While the NFL has dealt with a spate of high-profile cases involving violence off the field, resulting in the league adopting new policies with harsher penalties for such acts, baseball has been largely free of such accusations in recent years.  In August, MLB and the MLBPA announced that there was an agreement on a new domestic violence policy, whereby MLB can suspend players with pay if legal action is pending involving domestic abuse charges.

Here's an article with the mugshot from the arrest.