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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news on the Rangers and robots

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Welcome to December, the month where most free agents will have to sign so they'll know where to buy a condo for Spring Training.

The Rangers released their 2016 Fan Fest schedule & ticket information and T.R. Sullivan has all the deets.

Evan Grant is as bored with this offseason as the rest of us and is already trying to figure out what the Rangers Spring Training schedule will look like bless his heart.

The DMN staff takes a look at center field which, with Leonys Martin sent to Seattle, is now Delino DeShields' job until Lewis Brinson is ready to bump him to a do-it-all bench role.

Speaking of Brinson, Marc Hulet reviews the Ranger farm over at Fangraphs and has some nice things to say about Sweet Lew.

Here's a story we'll be hearing over and over again for the next several years: Dallas possibly wants the Rangers and has some places in mind to put a retractable roof over our heads.

Finally, Lindsay Berra writes about the possibility of beautiful, cold, impartial, analytical robots calling balls and strikes in our not too distant future instead of the regular old, sweaty, fallible, biased meatbags that do the job right now. Apparently they're already doing it in the Independent leagues.

The very moment David Murphy retires, MLB will announce that they're implementing an electronic strike zone and he'll be like, "What the fudge, guys?"

Have a nice day.