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Thursday Morning Links

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Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant lays down a sweet strip club metaphor to illustrate the Rangers' strategy at the Winter Meetings, saying that other teams are making it rain while Jon Daniels is pretending to be paralyzed like Frank on It's Always Sunny.

The club is making progress on signing a right handed bat that is not named Mike Napoli.

The Rangers are hoping that Adrian Beltre can shrug off the cruel hands of time the same way he shrugged off a ruptured testicle.

They are also looking at one year deals this offseason and an unchanged payroll for 2016.

The team isn't looking to make any major changes, particularly after Arizona went bananas and inflated the market.

Napoli isn't coming back.  Probably.

Jeff Wilson says the team has an interest in Tony Barnette, who closed for the Yakult Swallows in Japan last year.

Daniels says the team isn't shopping Prince Fielder.