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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone...

The Rangers are interested in signing Justin Ruggiano as a platoon partner for Josh Hamilton in left field.

Evan Grant writes that Ruggiano would be a cost-effective righty bat for the bench.

What's interesting is that the Ruggiano push appears to be geared towards finding someone to share time with Josh Hamilton, which seems to be a tacit acknowledgment that the team doesn't view Hamilton as an everyday player anymore.

Evan also says that this year's Winter Meetings for the Rangers is reminiscent of the Winter Meetings last year, when Texas only made a minor deal, but laid groundwork for a trade that was consummated later on.

Meanwhile, in off-the-field news, the Rangers and the City of Arlington are exploring a public-private partnership to develop the land around Globe Life Park.