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New Texas Rangers broadcaster Dave Raymond: A Scouting Report

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An Astros blogger offers up a scouting report on new Rangers broadcaster Dave Raymond

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

New Texas Rangers broadcaster Dave Raymond isn't someone most Rangers fans are familiar with, but he did spend several years doing radio work for the Houston Astros.

So that we will have an idea of what we will be getting with Raymond, one of the bloggers over at Crawfish Boxes, CRPerry13, graciously agreed to offer up his scouting report on the new Rangers broadcaster.  Check it out:

Scout: CRPerry13 (

Date: December 15, 2015

Player Name:  Dave Raymond
Pos: Broadcaster / Color Commentator (TBD)
Prev. Team:  Houston Astros Radio (2006-2012)

Tools (Present / Future Value, 20/80 scale):
Quality of Pipes: 55/60
Use of Sabermetrics: 25/35
Emotive Expression: 60/60
Cliché Avoidance: 65/70
Riveting-ness: 45/60
OVERALL:  50/60

Raymond first appeared on scouts radars' during an extended run as the radio color commentator for the doldrums era of the Houston Astros (a minor league affiliate of the 2014-2015 Astros).  He was notable for several reasons during this scout's extended exposure, chiefly for maintaining his aplomb and execution amidst the aimless meanderings of veteran teammate Milo Hamilton, who was at the time compiling counting stats to bolster his Hall of Fame candidacy.

Raymond strikes that balance that is so hard for prospects, of maintaining a high level of enthusiasm in appropriate moments while not going overboard, and of reserving those moments of audible ecstasy so that they do not become tiresome.  Of note is his avoidance of clichés, a skill that is rare with today's prevalence of ex-players trying to hack it in this difficult game.  Raymond comes from the old-school variety - he is a broadcaster being a broadcaster, not a wealthy, bored, and entitled retiree ex-player.  He knows his craft.  He has an effective voice, if not as memorable as a Kasem or Cronkite (or Cronky, as he's known around the clubhouse), which he executes to the maximum of its limits.

Raymond has never shown much use of sabermetric concepts beyond the occasional On Base Percentage.  It remains possible that this is simply a tool that this scout has not observed, but it seems probable that extensive exploration of advanced sabermetric principles will remain outside of his everyday tool kit.  Additionally, while his background as a broadcaster (noted in strengths) helps him from an execution standpoint, he lacks the experience that comes with doing, and will not often delve into advanced strategy, such as pitch-selection, sequence breakdown, mechanics, defensive positioning, etc.  This should not hinder his performance however, but will make him less notable to the small segment of fans that are seeking deeper insight.

Raymond shows all of the present tools to perform at a well-above-average competitiveness at the highest level.  A solid-plus regular, with upside of an occasional All-Star.