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Mike Napoli to Cleveland on a one year deal

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Mike Napoli to Cleveland on a one year deal

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Napoli is a Cleveland Indian, agreeing to a one year deal worth $7M, plus another $3M in incentives, according to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman on Twitter.

Napoli, of course, is the fan favorite from the Rangers 2011-12 teams who went to Boston, and spent two and a half years there before getting dealt back to Texas in early August of this year.  While Napoli struggled with Boston in 2015, his return to Texas was accompanied by a hitting resurgence, as he put up a 908 OPS for Texas, mostly against lefthanders.

The Rangers had interest in bringing him back for 2016, but weren't going to have at bats for him unless Mitch Moreland or Prince Fielder were dealt, and realistically, Napoli seems more like a platoon guy at this point than an everyday first baseman, though Cleveland will be using him as a starter.  Maybe, in August of 2016, Cleveland will be out of the race, Texas will be seeking a righty bench bat, and we can go trade for him again..l