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Kyler Murray leaving Texas A&M to play baseball?

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Kyler Murray has been granted his release from Texas A&M, and may be choosing to play baseball instead

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M QB Kyler Murray has been officially granted his release from the football program, and while initial speculation centered around what school he would go to in order to play QB for a Division I school, Bruce Feldman says that "many [at Texas A&M] expect him to pursue baseball."

That, of course, looked like the smart move for Murray coming out of high just 5'11", his future as a pro quarterback never looked promising, but Murray was seen as a first round baseball talent coming out of high school, and pulled out of the draft despite potentially looking at a $3-5M signing bonus in 2015.

Bob Sturm also says baseball is Murray's path:

According to Keith Law, Murray could play baseball this spring immediately at a junior college:

And if he does that, Murray would be eligible to be selected in the MLB Draft in 2016.  And with Kyler's uncle, Calvin Murray, working for Scott Boras, you have to think he'll be "advised" by someone who will be able to extract a lucrative deal for Kyler from an MLB team, even if he doesn't have the leverage that he would have had in 2015.

Kyler is likely off the board by the time Texas drafts in the first round this summer, but wouldn't it be something if the former Allen HS QB, the subject of a heated recruiting war between Texas A&M and the University of Texas a year ago, ended up leaving A&M to be the first round draft pick of his hometown Texas Rangers?

I wanted a Daz Cameron/Kyler Murray draft combo in 2015...we didn't get Daz, but maybe, somehow, we can get Kyler in 2016.