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Friday morning Rangers things

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone...

The Rangers signed Justin Ruggiano, who will be a backup outfielder, and who will also get some reps this spring at first base, a position he hasn't generally played in the past.

Ruggiano lives in the Dallas area, and is excited to be able to have some stability for his family by playing for the team based where he lives.

Evan Grant writes that signing Ruggiano was motivated by a desire to have someone who can play left field against lefties, allowing Josh Hamilton more time off.

Former major league infielder Howard Johnson has been named the manager for the Rangers' high-A team in High Desert.  Evan notes that HoJo was a key member of the late-80s Mets teams Jon Daniels rooted for as a kid.

Another former major league infielder who played in New York, Homer Bush, has been named the Rangers' director of youth baseball programs.

Gerry Fraley continues his series on the greatest characters in Rangers history.

Finally, I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, but goET's mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and has to go to Houston for treatment.  His sister has set up a page where folks can contribute to help defray the costs the family is incurring in connection with her treatment, and so if you'd like to contribute a few dollars, you can do so here.