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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news on the Rangers and Emmitt Smith

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Delino DeShields spoke on the DMN SportsDay podcast about a bunch of stuff including how he became a Texas Ranger and a bad habit he wishes to break in the outfield.

Via MLB Trade Rumors, Jon Heyman notes that Jurickson Profar is stirring up a lot of trade interest this winter (Preller probably texts JD every hour on the hour), but Texas isn't inclined to sell low on him.

At Sports On Earth, Matt Collins writes about players who had a big second half in 2015 which includes three players who had their big second half with the Texas Rangers.

Jeff Zimmerman (ironically not THAT oft-injured Jeff Zimmerman) writes about DL trips in baseball in 2015 where you can see that the Texas Rangers are a particularly nasty outlier when it comes to keeping people healthy.

Finally, if you weren't watching the Miss Universe pageant last night (or, at least on Twitter), you probably missed the most awkward moment in live TV history.

Also, a wild Emmitt Smith out of nowhere:

Have a nice day.