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John Smoltz replaces Harold Reynolds in Fox booth

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Fox Sports is replacing Harold Reynolds with John Smoltz as their lead baseball analyst

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz will be replacing Harold Reynolds as the lead baseball analyst for Fox, it has been announced.  Joe Buck will continue to be the lead play-by-play guy, with Tom Verducci, who had been the third man in the booth with Buck and Reynolds, being moved into an analyst role with a still-to-be-determined partner.

Smoltz has been pretty good when I've heard him, and I liked Verducci as well.  Buck, to me, suffers a bit from seeming to be bored with baseball (unless the Cardinals are playing), but he's serviceable.  Reynolds, on the other hand, always sounded peeved that he was having to talk, and generally had an air about him like he had better things to do than the broadcast.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the Buck/Smoltz pairing, though I admit I don't really catch the Fox national broadcasts until playoff time.  Hopefully, they'll be doing some Rangers games in 2016 in October...