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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news on the Rangers and resurrection

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

In T.R. Sullivan's 2015 year in review, he writes about the Rangers reemerging as AL West champions after 2014's disaster.

David Schoenfield writes about the path to the playoffs for AL West teams in 2016 where he figures the Rangers can repeat as division champs if they maintain last season's second half formula.

Do you miss Yu Darvish? I miss Yu Darvish. When he next throws a pitch for the Texas Rangers, if all goes well, fingers and toes crossed, it will be over 20 months since the last time he threw a pitch for the Texas Rangers.

Finally, here are the 15 most watched videos on in 2015 which features a bizarre Texas Rangers moment and also a super lame moment involving the Texas Rangers.

P.S. I'm kind of tired of the Rangers being on the wrong end of moments that every other baseball fan enjoys. Game 6 is, to every other baseball fan, one of the all time greatest games in the history of the sport. Jose Bautista's dumb bat flip is almost a cult moment within pop culture reaching beyond just the sports world. I guess we should be grateful the Rangers were in the position they were in to have those moments happen rather than their historical norm of irrelevancy, but we could use a payoff for being highlight abused over the last few years.

Have a nice day.