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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news on the Rangers and the end of 2015

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning.

T.R. Sullivan looks at five things to watch in 2016 as the Rangers try to defend their AL West title.

The DMN has a transcript of Jeff Banister on the radio with Norm Hitzges where he talks about how he told the team to let Game 5 of the ALDS sit with them all winter.

Jon Daniels was also on with Norm and spoke about where the offseason is headed next and what they might do with their cache of relievers.

More from Banister on with Norm where he talks about Adrian Beltre being the best he's ever been around.

Lastly, speaking of Beltre being the best, Andrew Simon of Sports On Earth writes about ten great late-winter signings with Beltre at the top.

Have a nice day.