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Thursday Morning Links

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Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhere, Ranger100 is quietly laughing.

Seven Rangers were tendered contracts prior to last night's deadline, with only Nick Tepesch and goldshirt James Jones getting friendzoned.

Seattle has sent Patrick Kivlehan to Texas to complete the Leonys Martin deal.

Evan Grant looks at potential right field options for 2016 and... wow, that's a lot of former Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan has a hot stove roundup and tells us that Jon Daniels is continuing to focus on pitching.

Sullivan also gives you the rundown on Patrick Kivlehan, noting that he apparently wasn't in organized baseball at all for four of his college years and that he has some power.

With the weather turning cold, cheer yourself up about the wonders of our modern world by contemplating the fact that 100 years ago people regularly left babies just laying about the streets of New York, 80% of which died.  And back then, nobody wanted to adopt infants because infants couldn't churn butter or sew.

And, finally, I entered The Ticket's Star Wars costume contest for opening night The Force Awakens tickets.  If I win, I'll take a random LSB'er and we can make a date night of it.  Maybe I'll make a video about it.