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LSB Community Prospect Rankings #7

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We have a tie for the #5 spot in the rankings, with Chi Chi Gonzalez and Dillon Tate finishing in a dead heat

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The voting between Dillon Tate and Chi Chi Gonzalez was so close on over the weekend, we had a runoff yesterday, and the end result of that runoff was Tate and Chi Chi each getting 217 votes.

So we have a tie!

The rankings:

1 -- Nomar Mazara

2 -- Lewis Brinson

3 -- Joey Gallo

4 -- Luis Ortiz

T5 -- Dillon Tate

T5 -- Chi Chi Gonzalez

Moving on...who is the #7 prospect in the Rangers system right now?

Also, if there is anyone you think should be added, please offer your suggestions in the comments...