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Wednesday Morning Links

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant's notes from the Winter Meetings observe that talks with Pittsburgh about Mitch Moreland have stalled because the Rangers have not identified anyone to step in as nonthreatening white guy.

Also, there's no money for a good starter, and there's not really any money for a mediocre one, either.

How bad is High Desert?  High Desert is so bad that Adam was trying to talk me into a sort of An Idiot Abroad trip there for LSB this last summer.

Jon Daniels says he's not talking to anyone about Prince Fielder.

He also has yet to swipe right on any other deals.

The annual MLB auction to raise money for cancer research includes a dream date with Jon Daniels chaperoned by Steve Buechele.

And, finally, an alligator who ate a burglary suspect had conveniently turned off his dashcam prior to the incident.