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Wednesday Morning Links

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Quiescent offseason continues apace, Hittite god of injury possibly forgotten Ranger existence

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the pickings this morning are less slim than downright skeletal.

T.R. Sullivan quotes Derek Holland saying that he's tired of the dog jokes.  I think we've all moved on from dog jokes. recognizing that making fun of that episode is like focusing on the Bumblebee pee gag in your Transformers criticism.  Sure, tripping over the dog was weird and incongruous and looked to be something 2014 might hinge upon... like, in March.  By the end of April there were so many baseball equivalents of Devastator's mechanical balls and Shia Lebouf that to focus on Derek and the unfairly maligned Wrigley seemed painfully myopic.

Evan Grant did a chat yesterday.

Finally here's an article about the things Interstellar got right in its depiction of a black hole and the things it got wrong.  For my money, "four dimensional spacetime consists of three dimensions in space and one in love" falls fall short of "once there was only dark so if you ask me, the light is winning."