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Thursday Morning Links

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Correction to yesterday's column: 2014 team plagued by Assyrian god of pain, not Hittite.

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Jared Sandler will be doing the Rangers' pre- and post-game on 105.3 for the 2015 season, and I know when I want to find out what Jerry in Jacksboro thinks about Mitch Moreland there's no other source but the Ranger post-game.

MLB network has picked up four Ranger spring games, probably on the theory that the sooner you get cameras on the Ranger team the less likely you will be filming the name players in traction.

Ryan Feierbend will be one of three 2014 Ranger pitchers playing in Korea this year.

Hey, Jim Bowden thinks the Rangers had a better offseason than people are giving them credit for which should be something to give you pause, optimists.

Speaking of optimists, Gerry Fraley looks at the AL West and says that it's a difficult division to read.  He's careful not to observe that it could hardly get worse than 2014, seeing as how worse consistently happened every time that observation was made last year.

T.R. Sullivan pens a mash note to Joey Gallo, where when asked about strikeouts Gallo says "you can't think too much about that" and then launched the questioner 400 feet to right field.

Michael Kirkman looks at the approximately 0 viable lefthanded bullpen candidates and says, "so you're saying there's a chance."

And, finally, my favorite economics writer wrote a column on Valentine's Day and the sunk costs fallacy.  She released a book last year called The Up Side of Down that I really enjoyed...   a book about failure and what comes out of it, which has some bearing on her Valentine's Day column.