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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest Texas Rangers and Super Bowl loss news

Now you're an official 2014 Texas Ranger
Now you're an official 2014 Texas Ranger
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good morning. Turns out, the 2014 Rangers weren't finished losing. Texas second base prospect Russell Wilson lost the Super Bowl last night. Who knows if he'll even be welcome to come to Surprise.

Maybe JD just doesn't pick up the phone now that Wilson continued the Ranger curse.

Stefan Stevenson has more on how Jurickson Profar and Matt Harrison are doing with their various throwing programs as we're less than a month away from the start of Spring Training. has a fantasy baseball preview of the Texas Rangers where you can learn exciting things like Ed Lucas being as valuable as Martin Perez and Jake Smolinski being the Rangers' 15th best player.

Over at Lone Star Ball's Facebook page we weren't consumed with the Super Bowl as the Question of the Week asked for your favorite World Series memory. Here's a good answer:

Lastly, want to be creeped out? Check out Madden's official prediction video for the Super Bowl from a week ago:

Spooky. Not only did the simulation predict the winner, the final score, and New England's 10 point fourth quarter comeback, but it also nearly identically mimicked the winning touchdown play to the player who actually caught the winning touchdown. I'm uncomfortable.

Have a good day.