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Thursday Morning Links

A "Ben is late for work" edition of the morning links

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Andro had a story yesterday saying that Yu Darvish is working with all the Ranger catchers right now.  Don't worry though... each will be eliminated in a dramatic rose ceremony until there is only one.

Despite irritating Prince Fielder by not showing up to camp when everyone else did, Leonys Martin is eager to win the leadoff job.

T.R. Sullivan says that Darvish and Chirinos are "getting comfortable" together which certainly extends the "rose ceremony" joke from two links ago.

Jorge Alfaro is saying the right things about learning from the players in his first swim through big league camp.

Leonys Martin got a taste of batting leadoff when literally everyone else better qualified was sent to the DL... and he liked it.

Josh Hamilton is facing a suspension for an offense "worse than performance enhancing drugs," with Jon Heyman saying he went on a cocaine bender several months ago.

Fraley's notes column says that the response to the news was sad shakes of the head from unnamed Rangers' players and suggests that the Angels shouldn't receive salary relief if he's suspended.

Continuing the theme of Chirinos and Darvish exchanging mash notes and chocolates, Chirinos says that his relationship with Darvish is just going to get "better and better."

Yu Darvish "felt some power" which is an odd but still strangely appropriate way for him to describe his BP session.

Fans of grit and playing the game the right way: rejoice!  Michael Young is on This Thing.

Southpaw reliever is happy about his "great opportunity," said opportunity being the near-nonexistent competition for the job of lefty reliever.

And finally, here's an interesting cover of Gnars Barkley's "Crazy."