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Wednesday Morning Links

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Josh Hamilton to miss 6-8 weeks to lend emotional support to wife on Real Housewives Orange County

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Watkins continues his look at the top 10 Rangers, with Shin-Soo Choo at number eight and Yovani Gallardo at number seven.

In a development that will delight whoever was griping about it in the morning thread the other day, Russell Wilson will once again be in Surprise for Spring Training.

Evan Grant says Anthony Ranaudo learned a lot in his inaugural swim through the major leagues.

In the "news that should be surprising to no one" department, Josh Hamilton will miss 6-8 weeks to recover from shoulder surgery and is questionable for the Angels season opener.

In support of my "tweakers are the new market inefficiency" theory, the Rangers have extended a non-roster invite to Martire Garcia who served a 50 game drug suspension in 2014.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column includes stuff on Martire Garcia and Cactus League games that will be broadcast on

Individual game tickets will go on sale February 27.

Finally, what happens when you throw three delusional people together who all believe they're Jesus Christ?  A wacky buddy comedy that would probably be in production if we were not trapped in a cycle of endless reboots and remakes.