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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news on the Texas Rangers and pre-spring malaise

Your move, Trout
Your move, Trout
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning. We're at that depressing period where everyone is sitting around waiting for Spring Training to begin, and as such, no one is writing about the Rangers. Therefore, we'll plumb the depths of Sports On Earth for some content today.

Anthony Castrovince picks the top ten lineups in baseball and the Rangers are not among them. However, Texas is listed as the 12th best lineup in the honorable mentions.

AJ Cassavell picks the top ten batter-pitcher rivalries in baseball and lists Mike Trout vs. Yu Darvish at No. 4. Trout was very Trout-like against Darvish their first two years but Darvish adjusted last year against the AL MVP.

Paul Casella selects ten MLB bounce-back candidates for 2015 and you shouldn't be surprised to see Prince Fielder sitting at No. 3 on his list.

Over at Lone Star Ball's Facebook page, we asked for your thoughts on the most underrated Texas Ranger in history. Lots of unsurprising Rusty Greer love.

And that's it. Spring training can't get here soon enough. Now, mute this video (so you don't have to hear Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds) and watch Yu Darvish buckle Yasiel Puig's knees at the All-Star game:

Have a nice day.