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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Texas Rangers and Old Yeller

Tim Bogar hearing the news about Yu Darvish
Tim Bogar hearing the news about Yu Darvish
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Suddenly the Rangers are unbeatable. After starting the spring 0-3, the Rangers have reeled off four straight Cactus League wins. Yu Darvish's injury has really galvanized this team one might say if it weren't March 10 and spring training and none of this matters.

Well, mostly none of it matters.'s A.J. Cassavell writes about Rougned Odor and Chi Chi Gonzalez starring in yesterday's latest win. Throw in Keone Kela's solid spring debut and it matters a little.

Evan Grant writes that Gonzalez has pitched himself right into the conversation for a spot in the rotation (indeed we learned yesterday that Grant is predicting that Gonzalez wins that spot) and his scoreless outing yesterday did nothing to hurt his chances.

Cassavell writes that several pitchers are ahead of Gonzalez in the pecking order but Chi Chi is turning heads this spring.

Stefan Stevenson writes about 2014 Frisco teammates Gonzalez and Kela hoping to put themselves in the Rangers' 2015 plans.

Grant notes that though Kela is known for his fastball, it was a swing-and-miss changeup for a strikeout that stood out yesterday.

But enough about the kids, Cassavell writes that grizzled veteran Derek Holland wants to be known for more than just one game that happened three seasons ago.

Kevin Sherrington tackles the tragic death of The Ballpark jet stream.

Stevenson notes that Jared Hoying might be having the best spring by a Ranger thanks to changing his swing last season.

In grim Yu Darvish news, Cassavell reports that the Rangers will likely announce their plans for Darvish on Wednesday. My plans have been to sob uncontrollably and it's been going pretty well.

Grant writes five things he thinks about the Rangers losing Darvish. Here are five more:

1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

2. God, no. Why? Fuck.

3. Why couldn't it have been Wrigley?

4. Do dogs even have UCLs?


Have a nice day.