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Roman Mendez has a fourth option available

Per Evan Grant, pitcher Roman Mendez has a fourth option available in 2015

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers righthanded pitcher Roman Mendez has a fourth option available, per Evan Grant on Twitter.

This is significant, because we've been operating under the belief that Roman Mendez was on his final option last season, and thus would have to clear waivers if the Rangers wanted to send him to the minors.  Because Mendez has a fourth option, the Rangers can send him down (and bring him back up) as much as they want in 2015 without exposing him to waivers.  Presumably, the fourth option was granted because of how much time Mendez spent on the disabled list in 2012.

Because Mendez doesn't have to stay on the 25 man roster, it allows the Rangers additional flexibility in shuttling extra arms between AAA and the majors.  I've been projecting Mendez to be on the major league roster to start the year because I didn't think the Rangers would want to risk losing him -- however, while Mendez still might make the team, if he does so, it will be on merit, not because of option considerations.

This also means that, with Mendez, Phil Klein, Spencer Patton, and Jon Edwards, the team has multiple righty relievers with options who can be moved back and forth to give the Rangers an extra arm when need be.