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Wednesday Morning Links

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Andro fires a flaming arrow onto the longboat upon which Darvish's 2015 season lays in state.

Michael Choice was sent down yesterday, and Michael Kirkman was wished "best of luck with his future endeavors."

T.R. Sullivan also hums a funereal dirge for Darvish's elbow.

Sullivan's notes column tells us that Chi Chi Gonzalez survived the latest round of cuts and that no one has burst into flames or caught dysentery in at least a week.

He also notes Kirkman's slow ride off into the sunset and Michael Choice getting sent down.

If the answer to all of your hopes is "Yovani Gallardo" then your hopes are probably "a .500 season."

Rougned Odor had a root canal but Elvis Andrus says that Odor isn't scared.  Mostly because a horrible case of mouth-MRSA is way too subtle for Ian Kinsler's curse.

Yu Darvish's post-surgery message thanking everyone for "sending him power" just lends credence to my theory that he's some kind of pitching battlemech.

Scott Cousins, who was was attempting to resurrect his career by transitioning from outfield to pitching, has been given his walking papers.

Gerry Fraley quotes Jeff Banister as saying Carlos Peguero is "a force."

Michael Choice is planning on keeping his head up.

Jeff Banister is a big fan of Rocky Bridges, and has a baseball card to memorialize his passing.

And, finally, here's an article that speculates that humans could not see the color blue before modern times.