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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Texas Rangers dyin' and Keone killin' it

It's the country-fried outfielder endorsed by a clown, Peguero! Peguero!
It's the country-fried outfielder endorsed by a clown, Peguero! Peguero!
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

The pitching star of camp has been reliever prospect Keone Kela. Evan Grant writes that Kela has been up to the task with each challenge the Rangers have thrown his way this spring and could find himself in the Opening Day bullpen.

The hitting star of camp has probably been Carlos Peguero. As T.R. Sullivan writes, Peguero is notorious for being a star during spring training.

Stefan Stevenson writes that Peguero is trying to make a believer out of Jeff Banister that he's more than just a March All-Star.

Grant writes that Peguero has earned more looks from the Rangers in their wide open outfield battle.

Sullivan recaps yesterday's game where the Rangers, and starter Yovani Gallardo, were blasted by the Mariners 8-0. But, hey, Peguero went 3-4 and Kela pitched his fifth scoreless inning of the spring.

LSB Facebook's Question of the Week asked who will lead the Rangers in dingers in 2015. I think it's pretty obviously going to be Carlos Peguero.

Sullivan writes that Chi Chi Gonzalez remains in the hunt for a spot in the Rangers' rotation. Gonzalez makes the start tonight against the Reds in his biggest showcase yet.

Lastly, Stevenson notes that Yu Darvish is back at camp, in good spirits, and fanning the crafty left-hander flames after his Tommy John operation.

Have a nice day.