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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news on the Texas Rangers and their youngins

Chi Chi seems pretty sick of riding buses
Chi Chi seems pretty sick of riding buses
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Chi Chi Gonzalez looks like a guy who will win some important games for the Rangers over the next 12 years. Keone Kela looks like John Wetteland out there on the mound. Ryan Rua looks like the left fielder.

T.R. Sullivan recaps last night's 6-6 tie with the Cincinnati Reds which saw Gonzalez, Kela, and Rua star for the Rangers.

Matt Mosley writes that Gonzalez probably shouldn't get too cozy in Round Rock this year -- if the Rangers even let him travel that far south.

Stefan Stevenson writes that Gonzalez fueled talk of winning a spot in the rotation with a solid outing over five innings against big league regular hitters. Gonzalez went five innings, allowed two runs, and struck out six Reds.

Kela continued to impress the people he needs to impress last night. Evan Grant writes that Kela passed a big test for Jeff Banister by pitching well in his second straight day of action.

Anthony Andro takes a look at where the Rangers stand, and what questions the team still must answer, with two weeks to go until Opening Day.

Grant's latest roster predictions hollers "All aboard the Peguero pain train! Next stop: Dingerville" as EG puts Carlos Peguero in the outfield and Kela in the bullpen for the Rangers come April 6.

If you didn't know, Yovani Gallardo is from Fort Worth.'s Quinn Roberts writes about how Gallardo was traded to the team that happens to be pretty close to Fort Worth and how Gallardo is cool with that probably because now he can rollerblade to work if he wanted to.

Sullivan pens an adorable article about adorable Adrian Beltre and adorable Adrian Beltre Jr. being adorable together this spring. I wish Adrian Beltre was my dad. :(

Mike Bauman's name came up on the chore wheel next to "Write about Elvis Andrus having a breakout season" this spring. So, here we are.

Sullivan notes that Shin-Soo Choo's broken body was well enough to smack around Hisashi Iwakuma in a minor league game yesterday.

Stevenson gathers the stories from yesterday including the unceremonious release of Joe Beimel, the return to minor league camp for Joey Gallo and Jorge Alfaro, and Matt Harrison's journey back reaching another milestone.


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