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Wednesday Morning Links


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you want Russell Wilson talk?  I hope you do, because we're going to have some!  Evan Grant serves up a steaming hot cup of Wilson, Irished up with a splash of character.  Anthony Andro sees Grant's bet and raises him some "will to win."  And T.R. Sullivan serves up some motivational stew salted with second place tears.

The impact of Michael Young in the front office is already being felt, with Elvis Andrus unlikely for the spring opener because he doesn't want "to not be able to hustle."

Remember the salad days when the perennial spring training discussion was "is this the year Blalock figures out lefties?"  Leonys Martin is looking to fill those enormous, zombie-stink shoes in Evan Grant's look at Martin and the leadoff spot.

Anthony Andro asks some questions the Rangers' are looking to answer this Spring.

Gerry Fraley has a story about the first full time Ranger DH, Alex Johnson, who died Saturday.

Photographer Andy Jacobsohn is going to post his favorite picture each day of Spring Training to the DMN blog, and leads off with Robinson Chirinos twerking.

T.R. Sullivan has a Ryan Ludwick retrospective, if you want to remember those dark days.

Who loves power flame-outs with strikeout issues?  The Rangers love power flame-outs with strikeout issues.

Recognizing the importance of a non-threatening Caucasian to the 2015 season, the Rangers are being cautious with Mitch Moreland.

Colby Lewis seems like a good guy, someone who didn't let early struggles in the league keep him down.  Have you ever heard the story of the boy who got an enormous pile of horse manure for Christmas, and excitedly dug into it saying, "with all this crap there's got to be a horse in here somewhere?"  Well, Colby points out that his injury history means he doesn't have many miles on his arm.

Evan Grant says that if the itch is someone to pitch the middle innings then the Valtrex is Shawn Tolleson.

ESPN has a bunch of spring training videos, including (sigh) Derek Holland doing impressions, Banister talking about his first Spring Training as the Rangers manager, Fielder on his health, and players to watch.

I don't know music, but this Jess Greenberg has got a little something.

And, finally, here's a little story about Civil War soldiers with glowing wounds.