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Edgar Olmos returned to Seattle Mariners

The Rangers' waiver claim on Edgar Olmos has been reversed due to Olmos having a shoulder injury

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Edgar Olmos, who was claimed on waivers by the Rangers from the Seattle Mariners last month, has been sent back to the Mariners due to a shoulder issue which has effectively nullified the Rangers' waiver claim.

Olmos was expected to be in the mix for a relief job with the Rangers, but was almost immediately shut down when spring training started due to a "shoulder impingement."  The shoulder issue was initially thought to be minor, but it is apparently serious enough that he's going back to Seattle.

The Rangers' 40 man roster is now down to 39 players, and there are just three lefthanded relievers -- Michael Kirkman, Martire Garcia, and Alex Claudio -- in the team's major league camp.