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Thursday Morning Links

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The club announced yesterday that they now have all the players from the 40 man roster under contract for 2015.

In what could be a sign that the Biblical plague is returning, Edgar Olmos played catch once in Surprise, developed a sore shoulder and is now being sent back to Seattle.... breaking the quarantine and unleashing hell upon team doctors throughout the league.

Elvis Andrus is likely out for the first four games of the season because we apparently didn't get Typhoid Olmos back to Seattle quick enough.

Anthony Andro says that Banister is all about posting the Spring Training lineups way in advance, because it enhances the mindfrackery when he says "oh, Mitch, you took that seriously?  Of course not, you're terrible!"

So Spring Training games mean it's time for much ink to be spilled over the relevance of individual pitching performances.

T.R. Sullivan notes Edgar Olmos returning to Seattle and the Rangers steering unsteadily between the Scylla of Michael Kirkman and the Charybidis of Martire Garcia for lefthanded relief.

Well, Alex Claudio is an option as well, so he can be Polyphemus or Calypso or something, I don't care.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the game, and the pitchers are working on things, no one cares about homering against former teams, and everybody just wants to get ready for the regular season.  I should probably create a macro for that line, because, you know, spring training game recaps.  Banister was happy with Gallardo, though.  None of the rest of those bastards, but Gallardo was alright.

Evan Grant tells us that Seattle is in for a big surprise... the Rangers sent back Edgar Olmos with his abdominal cavity filled to bursting with bees.

Grant also takes note of the epic thrashing Colby Lewis took from the Royals yesterday.

Alex Claudio has improved his stock considerably by standing out of the way while a horde of locusts devoured Edgar Olmos' arm.

Evan Grant tells us that scouting in Venezuela is about to get more difficult as the government down there tightens visa restrictions.

Grant also plays the significant-in-its-insignificance game with Colby Lewis' start.