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Yu Darvish injury: National writers react

The Yu Darvish injury is the top story in baseball right now, and national writers are weighing in

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Yu Darvish injury:  The news that Texas Rangers ace Yu Darvish has a sprained UCL and will likely need Tommy John surgery has rocked the baseball world, and we have links to national writers who are already weighing in on the subject.

Jeff Passan writes that Yu Darvish's injury is just the latest in what has been a TJ epidemic in baseball.

Ken Rosenthal writes that the Darvish injury leads one to wonder -- has any team in baseball cratered so quickly, and so surprisingly, as the Texas Rangers over the past twelve months?

Jon Heyman writes that the Darvish injury puts the Rangers in a hole as they seek to avoid a repeat of the disaster of 2014.

Dayn Perry notes that Darvish being sidelined for the year is yet another data point in a "pitching drain" from the American League.

Rest assured, though, even though the Rangers have lost Darvish, they still aren't interested in Dillon Gee.