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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

Here's a picture of cute kittens
Here's a picture of cute kittens
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. . .

Seriously, you guys.  I don't want to do the links this morning.

This sucks.

If you've been ignoring everything Rangers-related since yesterday, Yu Darvish has a sprained UCL and will likely need Tommy John surgery, which would end his 2015 season before it even begins.

Jeff Banister's mantra has been "never quit," and the Yu Darvish injury will test that, writes Evan Grant.

Anthony Andro's writeup includes video with Jon Daniels talking about the injury.

Tim Cowlishaw writes that the Rangers have lost their most indispensable player now.

Tracy Ringolsby writes that the Rangers have to keep the Yu injury from leading them into a repeat of 2014.

Kevin Sherrington thinks that, with Darvish out, the Rangers should go get Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels.

Peter Ellwood writes about the impact of the Yu Darvish injury on the present and the future.

Oh, hey, the Rangers won yesterday.  Evan Grant has a write-up on that.

Ross Detwiler impressed with his performance yesterday.

Elvis Andrus is working on his timing at the plate, and a more relaxed approach with his hands.

Stefan Stevenson writes about Charley Pride participating in spring training.