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Evan Grant's revised Opening Day roster projection

Evan Grant has his updated projection for the Rangers' Opening Day 25 man roster

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With Yu Darvish going down, the Rangers' rotation is now going to be different than what was expected, and Evan Grant has his updated version of the Rangers' Opening Day roster up, reflecting that change, as well as a couple of differences in the bullpen.

In place of Yu in the rotation, Evan has Chi Chi Gonzalez winning the 5th starter job.  While that wouldn't be shocking, I have to think its more likely that Gonzalez starts in the minors unless he just blows the competition away.  Nick Tepesch, Nick Martinez and Anthony Ranaudo are already on the 40 man roster and have major league experience, while Chi Chi has never pitched above AA (and only has 73 IP there).  And if you start him in the majors, then have to send him down because he is struggling, you end up burning an option on him for 2015.  My guess is Nick Tepesch or Anthony Ranaudo ends up with the final spot, at least for the time being, with Gonzalez starting in Round Rock to begin the year.

In addition, Evan has Phil Klein and Joe Beimel replacing Roman Mendez and Kyuji Fujikawa in the bullpen.  However, I'm not sure I agree with his rationale.  Evan mentions Mendez as someone who can "shuttle" between the majors and the minors, but Mendez is out of options...if the Rangers want to send him to the minors, they have to put him on waivers, and he's someone who would seem likely to get claimed.  Klein, on the other hand, has options remaining, and can be sent down without clearing waivers.  As for Beimel, Evan mentions him as someone who could pitch a full inning, while Alex Claudio is a "one-batter option."  Beimel, however, has mostly been used as a situational lefty in recent years, while Claudio has been a multi-inning guy in the minors.

It may be that the Rangers view Claudio as a one-batter guy and Beimel as less of a specialist, but given their usage patterns, and given that Claudio has a great changeup -- a pitch that neutralizes righties -- it seems like those roles would be reversed.