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Wednesday Morning Links

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, continuing the brutalist theme of the last two seasons, Tanner Scheppers is returning to Arlington to have an MRI on his ankle... which, despite imaging a completely separate part of the body, will likely reveal a need for TJ surgery.

Ryan Rua was named the team's starting left fielder for Opening Day and Jake Smolinski has also made the team.

Jeff Banister says he's not worried about Neftali Feliz, even though he had a morning meeting with him, because he's yet to see him in a high octane situation.

Welp, the Rangers lost both games yesterday and have now lost 2 of their last 17...  which means either we're doomed, or spring training games don't matter but we're doomed anyway.

Kevin Sherrington takes a look at what Jon Daniels did wrong in the 2013 offseason... and I think he concludes that we should have found some way to put players from other AL West teams on our 40 so that the injury god could have spread the pain a little more.

T.R. Sullivan notes Rua winning the right to be among the starting outfielders kicking it idly on the disabled list in 2015.

Sullivan's notes column is mostly just a list of casualties.

Sullivan also recapped the split squad lost to the Cubbies.

Deshields is making his case to be the final outfielder on the 25 man roster over Peguero.

Believe it or not, runs are going to be the deciding factor in the Rangers' 2015 fortunes.

And, finally, in case you've never read about it, here's a little piece on the Voynich Manuscript... a book written in a language that no one has been able to translate, but doesn't appear to be gibberish.